Book Review: Room for just a little bit More by Beth Ehemann


Room for just a little bit more by Beth EhemannFive years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.

One year ago, a horrible rainstorm flooded a bridge in town, leaving us with an Inn full of stranded travelers. Turns out one of those travelers would give me a whole new set of dreams, ones I never thought possible. Brody Murphy spent the last year teaching me what it was like to live, and more importantly love, again.
Two days ago, he asked me to marry him, and if I’d said yes any faster, I would have interrupted the most romantic proposal ever offered. I can’t wait to marry him and spend the rest of our lives spoiling our Twinkies.
One year from now I’ll be Mrs. Kacie Murphy, assuming everything goes nice and smooth.


I have been so excited to get my hands on this little novella since the  second I found out it was happening. The Cranberry Inn Series is one that I really cannot think about letting go. I love these characters so much. Brody and Kacie stole my heart from the very first words of book #1 (Room for You).
Room for For Just a Little Bit More continues on from where book #2 (Room for More) leaves us. So before you pick this one up, make sure you read both #1 and #2 first. They’re both 99c at the moment so it’s the perfect time to do it!
Beth Ehemann is one of my favouirte authors. Her writing style is fun, easy flowing and really enjoyable. She writes incredible characters who you can’t help but fall for and her stories are just so swoony.
“I still ask myself everyday what I did in a previous life to deserve you, and I’m convinced I must have saved a bus full of children and puppies from falling off a cliff onto a senior citizen home or something.”
I absolutely loved this novella. It really was absolutely necessary and utterly perfect. I fell more in love with Brody, yet again. He is one of my most loved book hero’s and falling for him even more in this novella was amazing.
There isn’t really a lot I can say about this novella apart from how much I loved it. This whole series is brilliant.Beth, I will read anything you write. Your characters have made me feel so much over the last 3 books and I thank you for making them so perfect.

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Contemporary romance author, Diet Coke addict extraordinaire. Beth Ehemann lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and four kids. She’s a comma whore, Diet Coke addict, constant daydreamer and lover of all things baseball. (GO CUBS!)
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